Sunday, August 16, 2009

Lazy Sunday

Blood Work
New Generation
Hi Hi

Only two comics this week but some good news to accompany them.

1) The e-mailing list has expanded to 52 people now! Thanks again for letting me send you these weekly comics

2) I'll be drawing comics for a friends online game called Battle Dawn. This is pretty exciting stuff for me. I really have to thank all of you who are reading and supporting these comics! :D

Having said that, I don't think this weeks post is particularly that strong but I had a tough week with my final exams and all. Hopefully you enjoy the comics all the same


NOTE: I've only recently heard that "Dr. Acula" is a name of a doctor/vampire on Scrubs (or some such show). I had no idea. I saw a guy use the name "Dr. Acula" in a game I was playing and thought it was clever and wanted to work it into a comic. I had no idea I was ripping off a joke from Scrubs... Either way, it's a pretty weak comic, not commenting on Scrubs joke :D

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