Sunday, November 30, 2008

November 30th 2008

Blood Donor


Our Medical Systems

Medical Test

Sharing Needles

Good Morning Sweet world!

Yes, I have been watching the Basketball Jones again.

This Sunday has 5 comics. There is a good reason for the increase. The comic "Our Medical Systems" was initially conceived as you see it. but when I drew it for the first time I thought, this is more sad then funny. I played with some other endings but thought that I should make this comic the way I initially thought of it and make the new punch lines into their own comic. Thus you get three medical comics in one posting...lucky you!

Also, I wanted to see just how long I've been drawing these comics for. I feel as though I've been doing them for a long time now. I checked the forums where I posted my first comic and it looks like I started everything on Dec 22, 2007 at 2:48 pm. That means this December 22nd will be my one year anniversary! And only 2 days before my birthday!

I've posted the first ever comic I drew somewhere on this blog. I know everyone went and read my 100+ previous posts so I don't need to re-post it here. But you can still view the comic at the link provided. Lastly, big up to Matty. He became the first to follow and comment on the blog! Thanks Matty, I'll think of a gift for you. Maybe for Christmas...


Friday, November 28, 2008

About Last Weeks Posting

Manga Comic

Manga Vs Comic

I got a lot of confused comments over the the "Manga Comic" post. I want to clear things up. "Manga Vs Comic" was my first attempt at making something that would work as a comic and still show how confusing Manga must be for readers who are not used to reading Manga. In the end I didn't like the comic. I didn't think it was funny, it didn't make much sense.

Now I need to explain Manga. Apparently Manga is writen to be read from RIGHT TO LEFT not LEFT TO RIGHT as we are accustomed to in North America. So when I read my first Manga, I was so confused as to why two people would be talking in the left pannel and then introducing themselves in the right pannel. Eventually I figured it out. I wanted to give the reader a chance to also figure out what Manga Comic was about. If you read the comic the way we normally do in north America, the accused seems to deny ever using the Wii (everyone see that?). If you read the comic backwards, or as if it was a manga, from right to left, the accused now acts completely differently. Fully admitting to using the Wii and belittling the desires of the other guy.

It's just interesting how a comic can take two opposite forms simply by the direction of the reading.

Lastly, I know it isn't funny. Both right to left and left to right are neither funny or amusing. It's just the uniquness of its form. If anything, I hope you can appreciate that!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

November 23rd, 2008


Manga Comic

Modern Streetcars

Window to the Outside

Happy November 23rd. Just a reminder, my birthday is in one month and one day.

Hope you enjoy the comics this week. I may start posting weekly comics on the blog periodically as I finish them and not at the end of the week as I am currently doing.

The only comic I need to buttress with added explanation is Manga Comic. I read my first Manga a few days ago. I initially had drawn up a different comic but in the end I didn't like the way it worked out. So I went back to the drawing board and came up with this new comic which I like much better. Now Manga has a unique quirk about it. I was having trouble understanding the comics because they just didn't make sense. Not like, I just don't get Japanese humour or story telling, but they didn't follow logic or proper flow. I eventually figured out what I was doing wrong. I think for you to understand what to do with the Manga Comic I posted, I would rather you figure it out for yourselves instead of me telling you. Maybe some of you who already know what to do can help out the other readers if you like.

Two things left to say. The Manga Comic isn't exceptionally funny once you figure it out. In fact, it might be anticlimactic to be honest.

Next, if you are interested in Manga and/or want to learn how my comic makes sense go to the following link for a HUGE list of Manga. To see a specific Manga that will show you why our comics are so different from manga go to this link to see Great Teacher Onizuka.


Sunday, November 16, 2008

November 16th 2008

Cure For Sarcasm
Hall Monitors
Evangalion The Game

Penis Disease

What's up?

I'm posting the comics late on Sunday because of the busy weekend I had. Not that it really matters what time I post at. After speaking with a few of you in person, it seems that Monday morning is when most of you read these any ways. I love the feed back by the way guys. It helps me better the comics and it also validates my waste of time :D

Three of the four comics this week work well on their own. This doesn't mean that they are all perfectly hilarious or anything. What I mean is that most people will immediately understand them and will hopeful be amused by them. The third comic (Evangalion The Game) is more esoteric in nature. If you don't like the anime Evangalion and/or you don't like games, you will probably have no interests what so ever in that comic. This makes the comic fail in some ways, but I still like it, and I hope enough people are amused by it.


P.S. Evangalion is probably my favorite anime. Check out the following clip if you want to see the influence for this comic.

(sorry about the english dub)

Sunday, November 9, 2008

November 9th, 2008

With Friends Like These
I'm a Waiter
Feeling Inadequate
Age 16

Merry November 9th everyone! This weeks comics actually gave me some trouble. This is probably the first week where I had to sit and force myself to finish the comics. Normally the idea's just flow easily from thought to paper, but this week was like sucking water out of the desert.

Hopefully I'll get back into the groove of things. Post your comments and tell me what you think.

There is a 5th comic I didn't post because I couldn't think of a way to end it. I am considering posting the comic as is and allowing anyone to post a possible ending. What do you think of that idea?


Friday, November 7, 2008


I watched so much Lonney Toons as a kid. I don't think they made me laugh as much as they entertained me. I wanted to post a comic as tribute to something that held me glued to the television for hours.

As a side note, this is the last catch up comic I posted. I made this blog after I had already created a long list of comics that I have been posting for friends. This Blog has been made for easier management and search of archived comics. Thanks for reading up to this point XD


This is a very early comic. I originally was reluctant to post this comic for my friends a while back since I didn't think it was too funny. In the end I decided that I didn't care, some one some where might find it funny.

What's That

The conscious effort to leave most of this comic uncoloured is part of it's charm as well as it's main problem. I should have traced the lines with a Black marker...the lines as they are are just too light. However, it is also the very thing that helps this comic make sense in the end.

What Happened

I'm sure there are a lot of inanimate objects that would like revenge on us. Toilet paper, Soccer Balls, Piniata's...

Weekly Meeting

How are "Anarchy" advocates organized? Do they meet? Do they have a system of rules? Do they follow a speaker? ...Seriously?

We're Special Too!

It would be just like Megatron to not have wheelchair access into his evil lair. What an asshole!

Watch One of the Greatest Final Battles Ever!

War on Terror

Bomberman tournaments were a regular event with my college/university friends. We comprized a board that kept score of how many Gold Bomberman victories we all achieved for the SNES version of Bomberman. One of the best multiplayer games ever, I would still play it today if my friends and I lived in the same house.

My Bomber man was coloured SILVER!
My made up special move was named "Rising Thunder!"
My status as a legitimate cool guy after what I just wrote, non existent.

Iommi and Skywalker

Holy Fuck! I only now realized that I thought Tony Iommi's name was Tony Viola. Why didn't anyone tell me!?

Anyways, some of you may not know who Iommi is. Before he became popular as the guitarist for Black Sabbath he was working a factory job in England. On his last day at work he was asked to operate a machine he wasn't familiar with and consequently he accidentally chopped off the tips of his guitar strumming fingers. Instead of quitting guitar (and thus changing the course of heavy metal as we know it) he decided to fashion a few prosthetic finger tips. I think it's commonly accepted that the material he used to make the prothetics (plastic if I remember correctly) helped make the heavy "dead" sound in his guitaring. This, amongst other reasons, helped send Black Sabbath on their way as one of musics greatest bands.

All that was regurgitated from memory (a heavy metal biography) so if you think I got somehting wrong, go to Wikipedia and shut up! I don't even listen to Black Sabbath :P

Tony Iommi

Video Camara

I like this comic alot. It's so simple but immediately understandable.


I know this comic seems so simple. I simply reversed the main idea and said, "behold, humor!!" Sometimes seeing things in a new perspective is enough to at least amuse people. If nothing else, I at least want to make people smile when they read these comics.

Valve Office

Another very early comic. Originally this comic had one more panel but I decided to remove it in final editing. Sometimes leaving something to the imagination is better than spelling it out for the reader.

Don't get this comic? Check out Portal Game Play Footage.


Ukulele...Hmmmmm this is an odd comic. It's also a really early one. You can tell by the the slightly different art work. I wonder why I stopped drawing hair?

Thursday, November 6, 2008


I drew this comic with an alternate ending because I wasn't sure which punch line I liked more. Turns out most people preferred the second one.

LeVar Burton on Reading Rainbow


This pun is kind of lame I'll admit it. If I could do it over, I would change the transformer to something generic like "Octo-bot." The only reason for the lame pun is because a kid in my wife's class said his favorite Transformer was "Octopus Crime" so he helped me come to this idea.

Transformers Transforming Sound

Today's Special

This was inspired by a show I watched as a kid.

Today Special Intro

It's such a weird idea. I wonder why I wasn't freaked out entering department stores since the dummies were real people!


Fuck, I felt like an index finger growing up.

The Weekend Hunt

At a club one night I happened to call a group of obviously single men a bunch of predators. My wife thought it was funny. I thought of this comic because of that event. I'm so glad I'm no longer stalking bars and pubs for ladies, from my current vantage point, those guy looks really lame and obvious.

The Last 300

I liked this idea when I thought of it. I was really excited to draw this one up.

The Hunting Game

I've never understood Taxidermy. I think it's actually pretty gross. I think I would be really creeped out if I visited an old hunters house, there would be so much once-living-animal lining the walls and floors it would make me sick.

The First Stone

I swear I have seen this joke before. I tried researching it a bit but didn't find it. So unless I am completely crazy, this joke might exist out there somewhere. If you know from where, please post it.

Teenagers on the Subway

Some teenagers make me so angry I just want to shove their attitudes right down their throat!

Tanning and Techno

Believe it or not, I know a guy just like Roman!

Spy vs. Spy

I loved reading Mad comics as a kid. I especially loved the Spy vs. Spy columns. I just wanted to play a homage (of sorts) to the strips I loved so much as a child.

Solar Panel

This comic is so similar to the Snowman comic (and a few others) that it's almost a joke in its self. You suckers have been reading the same recycled jokes over and over.


My first year Psychology course defined humor as when an outcome is unexpected but still somehow plausible at the same time. I suppose that this comic is predicated on this idea.

Snow Flakes

A simple comic. I think it works well with the limited text and panels.

Snow Angels

Man the Devil is so fruity.


I think this comic was funnier when I first thought of it, but I forgot to write it down at the time. This comic was from my memory...I feel like there is a panel missing or somehting...

Silence Man

Invariably, there is always a group of people being loud and obnoxious dicks at a library. I used to study at my schools Library all the time, but I couldn't handle all the noise. Now all I do is draw there...but this has done nothing to quell my anger.