Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Cloths Wire

This is a sad situation. Growing up in my home town, my mom would hang cloths up on the cloths wire out back. Unfortunately our house was right next to a large open field so anyone approaching our home from the west side of the street could easily see into our back yard. One day our school bus (obviously traveling from the west side) was bringing me home when Michelle Miller blurts out, "Frank, is that your underwear?" I think I made up some lie (maybe I told everyone I don't wear underwear, I don't remember, it's all such an embarrassing blur at that age) and ran in the house.

However similar this comic is to my real life situation, I didn't own small pink underwear, I just wanted to make the scene more embarasing for the comic setting.

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Russ said...

FOr those of us who know michelle Miller, sheis definatly not one whom should be talking about other peoples unmentionables.