Friday, November 7, 2008

Iommi and Skywalker

Holy Fuck! I only now realized that I thought Tony Iommi's name was Tony Viola. Why didn't anyone tell me!?

Anyways, some of you may not know who Iommi is. Before he became popular as the guitarist for Black Sabbath he was working a factory job in England. On his last day at work he was asked to operate a machine he wasn't familiar with and consequently he accidentally chopped off the tips of his guitar strumming fingers. Instead of quitting guitar (and thus changing the course of heavy metal as we know it) he decided to fashion a few prosthetic finger tips. I think it's commonly accepted that the material he used to make the prothetics (plastic if I remember correctly) helped make the heavy "dead" sound in his guitaring. This, amongst other reasons, helped send Black Sabbath on their way as one of musics greatest bands.

All that was regurgitated from memory (a heavy metal biography) so if you think I got somehting wrong, go to Wikipedia and shut up! I don't even listen to Black Sabbath :P

Tony Iommi

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