Sunday, November 16, 2008

November 16th 2008

Cure For Sarcasm
Hall Monitors
Evangalion The Game

Penis Disease

What's up?

I'm posting the comics late on Sunday because of the busy weekend I had. Not that it really matters what time I post at. After speaking with a few of you in person, it seems that Monday morning is when most of you read these any ways. I love the feed back by the way guys. It helps me better the comics and it also validates my waste of time :D

Three of the four comics this week work well on their own. This doesn't mean that they are all perfectly hilarious or anything. What I mean is that most people will immediately understand them and will hopeful be amused by them. The third comic (Evangalion The Game) is more esoteric in nature. If you don't like the anime Evangalion and/or you don't like games, you will probably have no interests what so ever in that comic. This makes the comic fail in some ways, but I still like it, and I hope enough people are amused by it.


P.S. Evangalion is probably my favorite anime. Check out the following clip if you want to see the influence for this comic.

(sorry about the english dub)

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