Sunday, November 23, 2008

November 23rd, 2008


Manga Comic

Modern Streetcars

Window to the Outside

Happy November 23rd. Just a reminder, my birthday is in one month and one day.

Hope you enjoy the comics this week. I may start posting weekly comics on the blog periodically as I finish them and not at the end of the week as I am currently doing.

The only comic I need to buttress with added explanation is Manga Comic. I read my first Manga a few days ago. I initially had drawn up a different comic but in the end I didn't like the way it worked out. So I went back to the drawing board and came up with this new comic which I like much better. Now Manga has a unique quirk about it. I was having trouble understanding the comics because they just didn't make sense. Not like, I just don't get Japanese humour or story telling, but they didn't follow logic or proper flow. I eventually figured out what I was doing wrong. I think for you to understand what to do with the Manga Comic I posted, I would rather you figure it out for yourselves instead of me telling you. Maybe some of you who already know what to do can help out the other readers if you like.

Two things left to say. The Manga Comic isn't exceptionally funny once you figure it out. In fact, it might be anticlimactic to be honest.

Next, if you are interested in Manga and/or want to learn how my comic makes sense go to the following link for a HUGE list of Manga. To see a specific Manga that will show you why our comics are so different from manga go to this link to see Great Teacher Onizuka.



Mattyp said...

I get the prize for being the first follower!!!

Frank said...

Sweet! Thanks Matty. And yes, you win the prize...I will find out what it is later.