Sunday, November 30, 2008

November 30th 2008

Blood Donor


Our Medical Systems

Medical Test

Sharing Needles

Good Morning Sweet world!

Yes, I have been watching the Basketball Jones again.

This Sunday has 5 comics. There is a good reason for the increase. The comic "Our Medical Systems" was initially conceived as you see it. but when I drew it for the first time I thought, this is more sad then funny. I played with some other endings but thought that I should make this comic the way I initially thought of it and make the new punch lines into their own comic. Thus you get three medical comics in one posting...lucky you!

Also, I wanted to see just how long I've been drawing these comics for. I feel as though I've been doing them for a long time now. I checked the forums where I posted my first comic and it looks like I started everything on Dec 22, 2007 at 2:48 pm. That means this December 22nd will be my one year anniversary! And only 2 days before my birthday!

I've posted the first ever comic I drew somewhere on this blog. I know everyone went and read my 100+ previous posts so I don't need to re-post it here. But you can still view the comic at the link provided. Lastly, big up to Matty. He became the first to follow and comment on the blog! Thanks Matty, I'll think of a gift for you. Maybe for Christmas...


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