Sunday, December 7, 2008

December 7th, 2008

Care Bear Stare!

Food Fight

He Does Exist!

Please Eat Responsibly

Terrible Joke

Merry Sunday.

It's been blistering cold here in Toronto for the past few days. Winter is definitely showing me who's boss. Hopefully it's warmer where some of you are (*cough* Ben *cough*).

Thanks again for checking out these comics this week. I just finished colouring them this morning so they are ripe and 'fresh.' One of these comics made Effi look at me and say..."You're terrible!" Can you guess which one it was?



Mattyp said...

Was it the eating responsibly comic?

Frank said...

What? Is that a question Matty?

Frank said...

Oh I understand, you were responding to my question at the end of the post. My bad, you are correct though.