Tuesday, December 30, 2008

You Bastards!

I've received more than one comment on this comic. It seems most people just don't understand it...and I agree that it may be a bit confusing.

Lemme explain. A little while ago I visited a Reptile Zoo with some family. They had Steve Irwin toys there. I didn't even know Steve Irwin had a toy line so this amazed me. I also noticed that certain sets came complete with a dangerous animal like a crocodile or snake. I wondered if these toys were in bad taste seeing as how Irwin died to a dangerous animal...

I looked for one that came with a Manta Ray cause I thought if it existed, I would have a reason to call Matel (or whoever makes these toys) and give them a lesson in morality! Fortunately, there was none, but I thought it might be humorous enough to put in a comic. I probably didn't deliver the joke well enough...but maybe this insight will help you understand what I'm saying here.

Imagine that I added three more panels to the end of the comic. Each zooming into the Manta Ray's eyes with the "DA - DA - DAAAAAaaaaaaa" sound you hear in Horror films. Maybe that will present the malicious intent on the Manta's behalf.


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