Sunday, December 6, 2009

Almost my second year!

Garbage Man
Hello everyone!

For those who read this message which accompanies the comics, I have some things to list off:

1) December 22nd is my second year anniversary of drawing these comics
2) My comics are doing well on Drunk Duck (DD) where I've been posting some archived comics. I plan on moving my main content page from this blog to the DD site. DD does a great job of keeping track of viewers and ratings and it also generates a larger audience than the blog ever did.
3) The comics this week are pretty odd, One was totally nerdy and the other is so cruel...Meh, hope you enjoy them!
4) My birthday is coming up (Christmas eve)!

Enjoy the comics!


If you have a DD account, feel free to leave the comics ratings and comments. It helps me in the ratings. So far I'm ranked 140th over all (out of 100,000+ comics).
Thanks for the support!


Anonymous said...

Love the comics this week, especially "Pregnant". Crass as always. Two thumbs up!

Frank said...

Thanks brother.

I appreciate it.


Aleks said...

The coat hanger one was deliciously dark. Haha. :)