Sunday, April 11, 2010

Love is in the Air
Ready, Aim, Fire!
Hey everyone!

I hope you like this weeks post. I was super close to making three strips this week but decided at the last minute not to. I wonder if I'll find the time to draw up three a week like I used to...

Anyways, thanks for the continued support. Your feedback and love makes this all worth it.

Hope you smile at this post.


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Anonymous said...

You know, at first I thought the first one was going to be something related to being premature, considering how you used yourself as the character. :D

As for the second, I find it very racist that you didn't draw an oversized penis for Winston.

As for the humour value, two thumbs up! :D

Frank said...

Thanks Brother.

Although...I'm not sure what to say about your initial statement about being premature...Are you watching me?