Monday, July 12, 2010


Hi Everyone,

Tiny update today.

This comics inspiration comes from the Comixed web site. They run a series of comics which play on the entire CSI know the one, where Horatio says something clever/witty as he puts on his glasses, then the intro starts up with that song by The Who.

Anyways, hope you like it! I wish I could update more often... :(

Thanks for sticking around!

Frank Ricci


Alakad said...

haha awesome! Love this one. My friends and I make Horatio (aka Shades) jokes all the time. The best one is still...

CSI: Looks like this guy was cut in half, we only found the left half of his body.
Shades: Well I guess he's...
Shades: "All-right" then.

Frank said...

Hahahahaha, nice!

Alakad said...

Oh actually I kinda butchered that, it's supposed to be "we only found the RIGHT half of his body" lol but seems like you got it anyway :P