Sunday, October 4, 2009

0 to 160 in 1 and a half years

Donkey is Here

This is my 160th post!

Current subscriber count - 64
Goal by end of 2009 - 100

Hello everyone!

3 comics for you. One is pretty offensive; last week I had told this joke to someone I know (you know who you are) and he liked it. I was surprised that he had never heard of it before so I thought I could probably roll it into a comic. I also need to thank Andrew Csanyi
for telling me that joke many years ago when we worked together at Canadian Tire. Last thing about the comics, I hope that everyone is familiar with those Robaxacet commercials otherwise that joke may suck worse than it already does.

I hope you enjoy the comics!

Remember, if you think of anyone who would like these comics, send me an e-mail and I can add them right away. Or send them here and they can find my e-mail on my profile.

Also, a HUGE Happy Birthday goes out to my friend Russ Pereira who is celebrating his birthday tomorrow! Happy Birthday Russ, I'll call you tomorrow.

Lastly, This week I've started adding e-mails under Bcc which hides each persons e-mail from other people in the thread. This way, if you are at all worried that some stranger is going to take your address from this list, you need not worry any more, your privacy is safe :D

Frank Ricci


Andrew CSANYI said...

Frank, thank you for crediting me with that incredibly inappropriate (yet hilariously awesome) joke. However, I was even more offended by the fact that you butchered my last name beyond all recognition.

I should be used to it by now, but I can't help but feel that my bestest friend in the whole wide world, as denoted by the matching tattoos of a heart surrounding "AC + FR BFF" we got on our ass cheeks, should know how to spell my last name.

*cue tear rolling down cheek*

Frank said...

I've fixed your last name Andrew. I can't help but think that your ancestors were simply poor spellers themselves. It is not I who failed to spell your name correctly, it is your ancestors who misspelled a last name.
Love Frank