Sunday, October 25, 2009

That's Comical...Less Confusion...

Business Trip
Jesus Spider

Your Package is in
Hi Hi Everyone!

I was at my friends Neil and Juliet's wedding last night and didn't get too much done today. Hence the late post...

Anyways, it has come to my attention that last weeks post was confusing. If you were one of the confused people, you were definitely not the only one. But that was last week, so lets move on.

I've got 3 comics this week. If I manage to confuse 10% less people this week, I'll be happy :D

Hope you enjoy them!

As for the update:

I have 78 subscribers to date
I'm 22 subscribers away from my goal.

Thanks so much to all those who have joined and/or added their friends/family to the list. Everyone on this list is a friend or family member whom I've had the pleasure of knowing in my lifetime. It's pretty amazing to see how many people you are in touch with at any given moment in your life. This goal I set for myself made me realize that.

If you have anyone you would like to add to the list here, just e-mail me.

I'll see you again in a week. Enjoy the comics :D



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