Sunday, March 22, 2009

March 22nd Almost Free From My Cast!

Counting Sheep
Dad's Always Know

It's Impolite To Stare

What I Learned In Grade School

You're Just So Good Looking


5 comics to check out this week. I'm pretty happy with all 5 as well. I even had a sixth drawn up but didn't colour it in...5 comics is already too much for you guys to take I'm sure.

Enjoy the comics and please leave a comment and rating!


Neil said...

I'm in now I can post rude and tasteless comments like I love young Japanese girls.

Frank said...

A a new dimension of terrible I have not yet exploited...thank-you Neil

Chany said...

HAHAHAH!!!! I'm Jewish!!! AHHH!!! Owww....

Frank said...