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March 1st (Injured and Immobile)

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Good Sunday to you all.

I have 5 comics for you and I hope at least one makes you laugh. Keep the feed back rolling in. If there is anything I can do to make these better and less of a chore to read, I would love to hear it.

I'm still tapping into the gold mine of hilarity that is my injured situation. In fact I just had surgical staples removed from my Achilles (about 30-35) and yes it hurt more than I can tell you here.

Perhaps you would like an update on my injury? The following pertains to my injury, if you care nothing about this than just skip it (HA! like you are even reading these posts!)

I got the soft cast removed last Thursday. The staple removal hurt but the rest of the procedure didn't bother me. I now have a hard cast and my foot is nestled within this exoskeleton at a rest position (think 45 degree angle). In three weeks I must return to the fracture clinic and have this cast removed so that the doctor can "gently" stretch the Achilles a bit towards the 90 degree position. I've read from Achilles Tendon recovery blogs that this is actually one of the most painful parts (awesome). So over the coming months I will be returning to the hospital, have my cast removed, have my Achilles stretched slightly closer to 90 degrees, then re-casted. Eventually my foot will be stretched to the normal 90 degree position and I think I can start walking in the cast that way.

As for my surgical scar, the doctor said it's healing nicely! This is good news. I even managed to muster up the courage to look at it when my ankle was exposed (if you know me, I am very squeemish and can't normally handle the sight of such things). It looked ok I guess. Since the staples were recently removed it looked very bumpy and soar. The best way to describe it is that it looked like the seem on an old Teddy bear stitching. You know how there is a clear line disecting where the two fabrics were placed together, then there is a ridge with bumps going across this line because of the sewing string used to bind the two fabrics together. But it didn't look anyhting like the scars I've seen on the Achilles Blog. Some of those guys had some real horrific damage, mine looks clean, clear, and under control (gross advertising)!

Lastly, I didn't realize how difficult it is to get around in crutches. My shoulders feel pained from attending classes last week!

That's about it.

Enjoy the comics! I'll see you all again in about a week.

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